Boondoggle – VR Music Visualizer

Boondoggle is a VR music visualizer that generates procedural geometry images to music. See the description here.

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Bitables are a data structure that is a hybrid of an SSTable and a b+ tree. They are an immutable and ordered indexed data structure designed for fast range and point queries, as well as fast being merging. They are described here.

This library is the reference implementation, written in C and using memory mapped I/O.

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Vertex Cache Optimized Mesh Compression

Combines index buffer compression with vertex attribute compression to deliver a compression codec for 3D meshes, while maintaining and exploiting vertex cache optimal ordering. Shrinks meshes down to a fraction of their original size for distribution and provides lightning fast decompression speeds so that meshes can be decompressed on the fly.

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A set of LZ codecs, with reference implementations, designed for very fast branchless decompression on modern x64 processors. LZSSE offers some of the fastest open source decompression of its kind, with decompression rates on modern processors often exceeding multiple gigabytes per second per core.

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